From the ruins of civilization the WoodsFolk emerge, the remains of the old world are gathered at the fire. 
Songs from the past reveal the future. 

Gothenburg resonate with eerie string arrangements, close vocal harmonies, mystical scales echoing from another world, haunting lyrics displaying decay of western civilisation, all filtered through the mould of folk rock. 
Everything must come to pass once more.
The motley crew assembled comes from far and wide. Bringing their relics and traditions. The mellow sound of the cello and electric guitar, the last of modern life, a mandolin, the easy travel companion and the tribal drums that summons them.
The high voice of the Appalachian mountains, the deep rumble of the Finnish woods.
But rather than being restricted to one form, the WoodsFolk explore different possibilities, the music can move between Americana, classic string band and folk rock.


Erik Wood –
Vocals & guitar




Jonathan Hilli –
Vocals, guitar & mandolin



Katrien Hermans –
Vocals & double bass




Hampus Johansson –
Vocals & lap steel guitar




Marcus Bertilsson –
Vocals, banjo & guitar




Leonor Palazzo –
Vocals & cello 




Vegard Lauvdal –





Sara Nilsson –
Vocals & violin