The dream of WoodsFolk was to make music with vocals in the foreground, heavily rooted in the Americana and folk genre with influences of World Music. Through talks and jam sessions the concept of a flexible collective where the common ideals would resonate and the individual particularities would bring flavor was born.
As such WoodsFolk is a melting pot of musicians from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Argentina. The curious and skilled band members all have experience with other bands and projects with a broad variety of genres. Most are also composers and multi instrumentalists in their own right. These special connections also led to the post-apocalyptic folk-rock theme they adopted for their debut Album “WoodsFolk” released autumn 2018.
With close vocal harmonies and haunting lyrics displaying the decay of western civilization they borrow inspiration from different parts of the world and filter it all through the mould of the collective.
Since 2016 WoodsFolk wandered towards the sound and concept expressed in their first album. Going from an acoustic quartet to a full band of seven, the music was reshaped from progressive indie folk to what they now describe as post-apocalyptic folk-rock: A sound that borrows from the past to look into the future.
After performing at different venues and festivals around Scandinavia during 2017 and 2018, WoodsFolk is now back again in the woodshed, creating new music. Their gaze now turned towards the West-African dessert only to return to the fauna of the nordic tundra.


Erik Wood –
Vocals & guitar




Jonathan Hilli –
Vocals, guitar & mandolin



Katrien Hermans –
Vocals & double bass





Marcus Bertilsson –
Vocals, banjo & guitar




Leonor Palazzo –
Vocals & cello 




Vegard Lauvdal –





Sara Nilsson –
Vocals & violin